Saturday, November 14, 2015

Farewell to Paradise

We’re in Tucson now, recovering from a big wedding celebration and settling into our little casita. Looking back at Paradise, our home of 39 years, the things I’m missing already are my friends, the chickens (in Laurie’s good care for the winter), and all the good food in our big freezer (especially our home-grown tomatoes). I know that I’ll miss seeing the evening light falling across Chicken Creek valley’s beautiful sycamore trees, their bare white arms illuminated by the last rays of sunlight.

At the same time I’m looking forward to living in the Sonoran desert, learning the names and natures of desert plants, meeting new people, enjoying winter warmth, living in proximity to a much younger generation, and watching the pomegranates outside our kitchen window slowly ripening.

This is my last post on Chicken Creek Journal until next spring. Now it’s time to take up posting on

Au revoir.

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